Ph.D. Student in Psychology
Kenny Building 3522

Patrick is a PhD student in social/personality psychology with a research focus on a phenomenon known as “overclaiming,” which measures both knowledge and the tendency to exaggerate knowledge. He developed the Vocabulary Over Claiming of English (VOCE) test with his advisor, Dr. Del Paulhus.

Paulhus, D.L., & Dubois, P.J. (2015). The link between cognitive ability and scholastic cheating: A meta-analysis. Review of General Psychology, 19, 183-190.

Paulhus, D.L., & Dubois, P.J. (2014). Application of the overclaiming technique to scholastic assessment. Educational and Psychological Measurement, 74, 975-990.

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Aside from his interests in psychology, Patrick has an extensive history as a professional musician, including educating and supporting music students of all ages.

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